Caribbean vegetable stew with Basmati rice
Spicy Jerk tofu
Mixed greens with roasted corn salsa and jicama
Tropical fruit salad with toasted coconut

Vegetarian five bean chili on quinoa
Spinach salad and tofu 'croutons' with miso ginger vinaigrette
Carmelized pineapple

Eggplant Nicoise with brown rice
Warm potato salad
Artichoke heart and tomato salad with leaves of romaine and cider vinaigrette
Sliced watermellon

Vegetarian Cassoulet with onion jalapeno relish
Zucchini fritters
Mixed greens with strawberries, toasted almonds and honey tofu vinaigrette

Mexican style seitan on spicy brown rice
Jicama and Mandarin orange salad
Coconut cake
Blue corn chips with roasted tomato salsa

Vegetarian tofu almondine
Farro salad with peas, asparagus and dill 'aioli'
Red leaf lettuce with honey mustard vinaigrette
Coconut macaroons